Tsuzumi Double Sakazuki

Yukino Shunme

Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Tsuzumi Double Sakazuki by Yukino Shunme Tsuzumi has a symmetrical shape with two cups on either end, and each has a different color. You can use Tsuzumi to serve sake, some kind of strong alcohol, or delicacies, but just displaying it as a piece of art could satisfy you because of its nobility and gracefulness. It harmonizes with almost anything. Normally, makie is applied to the body or the inside bottom, but in the case of Tsuzumi, it is positioned as if it looks peeking out from inside. This is the very essence of Japanese beauty, which is modest but impressive. Layered urushi, tamenuri, creates graceful shades in the cup.


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